Travel API Management Platform


  • Need to extend your legacy software systems
  • Aggregate content from travel suppliers
  • Launch your own API based product(s)
  • Develop your private or public online distribution channels
  • Support the mobile device users thru responsive interfaces and apps

Leisure Logic Technology Systems launches first ever API Management Platform exclusively for travel industry. It was in the year 2003, when our API driven data exchange platform had been recognized as innovation in technology world. We continued investing our time and efforts in advancing our technology by listening to the challenges faced by the CTOs and CIOs of travel industry.

Using this solution, you can make your existing reservation systems capable to exchange data to and from various software systems on various devices. Be it your last minute bookings, making multiple calls for generating eTickets or managing online booking requests, Leisure Logic Technology Systems API Management Platform handles all of them without having to worry about performance overheads.

Some of the travel businesses whose legacy software system stores unique content built over the period of years often realize the need to extend their content to other software applications or various online distribution channels. Making point-to-point integration heavily burdens the software and significantly reduces the flexibility of applying various business rules. This is where our Travel API Management Software could prove very effective; technology wise as well as cost wise!

Our platform also empowers in-house IT teams or outsourcing companies wherein the most complex portion of the technology – transactions and data exchange – is handled by us and the front ends and admin apps are developed by you. It not only reduces time to market, but saves you from making the mistakes usually made by the first time travel software developers.